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Four Rabbits
Our Cover Kids
Sam and Camellia, Raga and Bruce lay together in the Downstairs Warren. They are four of more than two hundred and fifty Animals who have found their way to The Sanctuary. Camellia, one of the butterscotch colored Rabbits, was one of 23 Rabbits who were rescued from a Golf Course where many had been born after residents near the course dumped adult Rabbits. Her apparent twin, Samantha, is really not a relation. Sam along with her three sisters were found in a box in a shopping center's parking lot. Luckily, concerned employees of nearby stores called the Shelter and Humane Officers were able to pick them up quickly. One of her sisters, Spot can be seen on our Rabbit's Page.

Bruce and Raga are related, sister and brother, though they came from different litters. The humans who were responsible for allowing their parents to breed were desperate to place them along with their siblings. They claimed, and this is a direct quote, "We didn't know what would happen if you put a male and a female together." It took them five litters to figure it out.

The Sanctuary no longer accepts Animals from private individuals. We are committed to working with our local Shelter, where we are making a real difference for the abandoned Rabbits and other Animals in our community.

Of Many Species
We are more than Rabbits. After volunteering at a Shelter, we learned that there are many Animals other than Cats, Dogs and Rabbits who are homeless. Shelter staff, often advocates for Cats and Dogs, do not always know how to care for other Animals. These two issues inspired our decision to open our doors to other species. To keep the peace we limit ourselves to herbivores and some omnivores, all prey Animals. We do not care for carnivorous Reptiles. We do have three resident Dogs and two indoor Cats.

Terri basks in the window
A Home For Life
The Sanctuary is not an adoption center. When they arrive here, the Animals have already gone through so much. Once acclimated to their new home we feel it only fair to let them live their lives out in peace alongside their new brothers and sisters. There are many Animals looking for a home, a family who will care for them throughout their lives. We are not solving the problem of homelessness Animals face by maintaining The Sanctuary. Forty Animals are killed every minute, every day in this country.

Learning Humane Ways
By caring for the Animals here, we are learning so much. This allows the opportunity to share information with others. As urban areas are spreading out, we are finding many people from cities choosing to participate in rural activities such as raising Animals referred to as "livestock" who are not truly prepared to do the work. As homes becomes smaller others opt for smaller Companions such as Rabbits or Reptiles. Again, they are not allways prepared to care for them properly. In some areas we are seeing large increases in the numbers of Exotics and large Animals coming into Shelters. Perhaps we can offset some of the numbers by educating others in regards to their care. It is part of our plan to assist in creating a humane consciousness. Not a zoo, we do not allow casual visitors. The residents here are Prey Animals and strange humans are a source of stress. Thanks to the Internet, we can share our peaceful abode, the beauty and joy we of The Sanctuary have found. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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