Humane Education
♦Advocacy — increase awareness
♦Empowerment — expand choices
♦Activism — create change


 "My life is my message."

            Mahatma Ghandi
Holism is the foundation of our approach to Humane Education. Kindness and compassion will become the foundation of mankind's consciousness and will govern choices. As we evolve towards that state of awareness, we will find that all life must be honored. We will realize that all life, and all that sustains life, is worthy of respect and care. We invite you to join us in creating a community that celebrates life. Through focus on ourselves, our families, our community, our nation, and our planet, we will fill the world with kindness. 

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           Public Service

Kind Planet believes in service. Ninety five percent of the work we do is done by volunteers. We have learned that the greatest gift is giving, that a life of service is well lived.

           Animal Rescue

Kind Planet operates several homes for once abandoned animals, other than cats and dogs, to promote compassion.


Through public presentations, websites, and free publications, we offer knowledge of ways to honor and protect life.